About this project

We usually read stories about men who are the major players in these hot shot professions and while there are stories out there featuring a bad ass woman in a powerful position, the celebration of girl power and a woman can do it too - and better ... needs to be a more common theme. At least that's sometimes what I want. 

So, when I was looking at my projects for 2020, I thought about doing another year long project that I did simular in 2019. Except, I wanted other voices aside from my own. And so, the conception of the GIRL POWER COLLECTION was born. 

Each story will have a heroine who is working and killing it in a male dominated profession.

Each story will be a short story with the theme of Girl Power in whichever way the author defines it for herself and her readers. 

We're joining forces with authors all around the world, to bring you 33 stories of awesome spread out through 2020. 

I truly hope that you enjoy each story that we all bring to you.